Landini Fleet Management

Fleet Management is the telematic system that lets you monitor the key tasks of your fleet of tractors to maximise efficiency.

What are the advantages of Fleet Management?

  1. monitor your fleet in real time, as you receive constantly updated information and data on the activity of your machines;
  2. analyse data to determine operating costs and optimise returns;
  3. rely on remote diagnostics and servicing to quickly identify and resolve any issues with the machines.

Landini REX4 Electra – Evolving Hybrid receives EIMA Technical Innovation Award 2020-21

The prestigious Eima International Technical Innovation Award has gone to Landini again.

After winning with their Advanced Driving System in 2018, the Argo Tractors group is once again honoured with the award thanks to the Electra – Evolving Hybrid system, also intended for the Landini REX4, which is to take centre stage both at Eima Digital, the preview scheduled on a web platform from 11 to 15 November.

Intended for orchards and vineyards, Landini REX4 has already gained a reputation for its handling prowess and ease of use, which combine with astoundingly thrifty running costs to meet the needs of the most demanding customers.

Such qualities are coupled with solutions that also look to increase the efficiency of the tractor system and further improve comfort during the long hours spent driving the tractor.


Working in orchards and vineyards can be a challenging task: specialty tractors require a great deal of attention in order to drive the tractor while controlling the towed attachments for row-crop operations.
This is why we developed the Advanced Driving System (ADS), the innovative hybrid assisted driving system available on the Landini REX4 range that helps you with all of your operations. Thanks to state-of-the-art mechatronic systems, the operator can let the machine take care of driving at the most important times, and focus on operating the attachments.
A number of integrated technological innovations guarantee improved operator comfort, optimised efficiency and the ability to control all tractor operations from a single in-cab display.

The Advanced Driving System is available on REX4 Orchard and Vineyard versions.


The Stop & Action system integrates the De-clutch function into the brake pedal. This allows the operator to stop the tractor without depressing the clutch pedal and without using the power shuttle.

Through the combined use of the Stop & Action and APS systems, the Robo-Six transmission ensures a smooth driving performance, comparable to that of a CVT transmission.


On the Serie 7 Stage V range, the Robo-Six transmission can be controlled both manually and automatically.

Based on load conditions, engine speed and rpm, the Smart Auto Powershift (APS) facility allows the operator to automatically select the right gear in each range. This improves tractor performance and driving safety, while optimizing fuel economy.

The Smart APS dial in the armrest allows the engine speed parameters to be adjusted from an Eco through to a Power setting. The Auto Powershift (APS) facility allows the operator to automatically select the right gear in each range for best performance and optimum fuel economy.


To meet transport needs, Argo Tractors transforms for the first time a technical solution available on open field tractors on applications for orchards and vineyards: Waffle type rims. Main features:

  • The fully round disc provides higher contribution to the connection of the disc with rim and wuffle lug.
  • Two pins on waffle lug ease the assembly process and the traction radial loads transfer.
  • 8 true mounting positions achievable for desired tracks adjustment.
  • The combination of all characteristics allows a drastic reduction of dumping effect on the tractor.


The REX4 V model can be specified with a high-pivot rigid-mounted front axle with increased swing to better negotiate uneven terrain. This axle is available in two versions: standard and narrow. The narrow version has a minimum width of 1000 mm.

Category 4 protection cabin

Landini has always been committed to developing technological solutions to protect those who work with tractors on a daily basis, frequently for many hours a day. This is why we added the <strong>category 4 protection cabin</strong> option for specialty tractor families. This is the highest protection class currently available on the market, capable of maintaining a safe and healthy microclimate.
The environment is slightly pressurised, in compliance with specific regulations, to prevent the entry of potentially harmful substances such as dusts, pollutants and sprayed gases. In this way, any air entering the cabin must pass through activated charcoal filters that retain and neutralise harmful substances.


“The Human factor” is new software developed by Argo Tractors in co-operation with Università Politecnico di Milano and will be exhibited in the EIMA Service Center as a 2016 Technical Innovation.


Discover all the integrated devices for satellite-assisted driving that you can find on our tractors to improve the efficiency of your work and the productivity of your company.


The ISOBUS system allows communication between tractor, implement and on-board computer by synchronizing the data exchange for improved operating efficiency.


LOUNGE CAB, a true high-tech control centre Two years after the launch of the 6 and 7 series, the Longue Cab has been updated with cosmetic and ergonomic upgrades to improve operator comfort and ease of operation, making long hours in the field as stress-free and comfortable as possible.

The new cab retains the same design as the previous version – a four-post frame with flat-deck platform, rear-hinged doors and one-piece panoramic windscreen that provides ease of access to the driving position and unequalled all-round visibility. The Alcantara upholstered swivel seat with dynamic air suspension system and fully automatic height adjustment features an optional backrest ventilation system and a multi-function right-hand armrest that houses the main tractor controls.

Also integrated into the armrest is a 12” DSM touchscreen monitor that controls the tractor performance and functions. The telescopic tilt-adjustable steering wheel is designed to tilt with the instrument panel. The new cab also includes several new features as standard including an inside mirror, additional 12V sockets for portable devices, a bottle holder and a blind for the roof hatch.

The cab is pressurized to keep a clean, dust-free environment with a sound level of only 70 dBA, while a highly-efficient automatic climate control maintains the desired cab temperature whatever the outdoor weather conditions. To further increase operator comfort, an electronically-controlled hydraulic cab suspension system is available as an option.

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